Mycek-Wodecki Anna:
Minutka: The Bilingual Dog

The Bilingual Dog
Translator: Y. Karen Sheng
Milet Publishing Ltd (United Kingdom), 2008
Hardback, 48 pagesSize: 161x163 mm
ISBN-13: 9781840595079
ISBN-10: 1840595078

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Anna Mycek-Wodecki

Anna Mycek-Wodecki is the author and illustrator of other editions of "Minutka: The Bilingual Dog" and the illustrator of "How Would it Feel?" Her work has appeared in exhibitions in New York; Rockford, IL; Poland; Sweden; Austria; and France. She owns a graphic design studio and divides her time between Chicago and Warsaw, Poland.

Minutka: The Bilingual Dog

With beautifully expressive, witty illustrations and an appealing contemporary design, this book shows kids how much fun it is to be bilingual by introducing them to a teeny-tiny dog who is fluent in English and Chinese--and even dreams in both languages. Anyone who has ever known and loved a pet will instantly recognize Minutka's favorite activities: she shakes paw, snatches socks, runs in circles, and has fun around the house and garden with her family and friends. Readers don't need to know Chinese (or even be children) to be entranced by this lovable dog. The Chinese translation is in simplified characters and Pinyin.

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Anna Mycek-Wodecki
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