Whalley Robin:
Knot Gardens and Parterres

A History of the Knot Garden and How to Make One Today
Joint author: Anne Jennings
Barn Elms Publishing (United Kingdom), 1998
Hardback, 160 pagesSize: 262x269 mm
ISBN-13: 9781899531042
ISBN-10: 1899531041

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Knot Gardens and Parterres

This book is conceived in two parts. The first, by the garden historian Robin Whalley, is a well-researched and lively account of the evolution of knot gardens from the first sketches in the fifteenth century to the somewhat bizarre version of the theme created by leading designers today.The book opens with a look at the history of the interlacing knot motif and explains the symbolism behind it. The illustrations are striking examples from Roman, Islamic, Celtic and medieval Christian decorative art. There are woodcuts from Renaissance Italy, knot gardens in splendid Tudor portraits and illustrations from both the earliest gardening manuals and modern photographs of authentic recreations.In the second part, Anne Jennings shows today's gardener how the theme can be used to create unique designs whose crisp and permanent outlines allow the garden to remain an admired feature throughout the year. Every aspect is carefully and confidently covered and illustrated both by line drawings and by inspiring photographs of contemporary schemes.This stimulating and sumptuous book will have a special place in every gardener's library.

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