Maddern Eric:
Nail Soup

Illustrator: Paul Hess
Frances Lincoln Publishers Ltd (United Kingdom), 2009
Quality paperback, 28 pagesSize: 228x263 mm
ISBN-13: 9781847800299
ISBN-10: 1847800297

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Eric Maddern

Maddern studied sociology and psychology at Sheffield University, then spent ten years travelling around the world. He now performs all over the country as a storyteller and folk singer, and he has built a roundhouse in the grounds of his home in Wales, where he holds storytelling events.

Nail Soup

A traveler in the forest stops at a lonely cottage, hoping to beg a bed for the night. The scowling woman who answers the door agrees to let him sleep on the floor, but declares she hasn't a bit of food in the house. "In that case," says the traveler, "I'll have to share what I've got with you." And with that, he takes a rusty old nail from his pocket and starts to make nail soup! It just needs a little something . . . This wonderfully illustrated retelling is a witty reminder that more bees are caught with honey than vinegar.

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Eric Maddern
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