Davies Philip R.:
On the Origins of Judaism

Taylor & Francis Ltd (United Kingdom), 2011
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ISBN-13: 9781845533267
ISBN-10: 1845533267

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Philip R. Davies

Philip R. Davies is Professor of Biblical Studies in the University of Sheffield, UK.

On the Origins of Judaism

This book covers several basic issues in the formation of early Judaism. It explores the identity of those who produced and canonized the Hebrew Bible and subsequently shaped its interpretation, re-examines the significance and impact of Second Isaiah, and the books of Ezra and Nehemiah, traces the root of Jewish apocalyptic literature, and the possible origins of the exodus story. Two final chapters consider the mechanics of table fellowship in diaspora Judaism and consider the ethical systems of the Hebrew Bible and of the Athenian tragedians in the light of their respective social and political structures. Some of these essays have previously appeared but all have been revised.

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Philip R. Davies
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