Gilroy Anne M., Macpherson Brian R., Ross Lawrence M., Schuenke Michael, Schulte Erik, Schumacher Udo:
Atlas of Anatomy

Thieme Medical Publishers Inc (United States), 2008
Quality paperback, 672 pagesSize: 280x230 mm
ISBN-13: 9781604060621
ISBN-10: 160406062X

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Atlas of Anatomy

Gilroy (surgery and cell biology, U. of Massachusetts School of Medicine) and fellow anatomists characterize the illustrations created by Markus Voll and Karl Wesker as: .,."[O]ne of the most significant additions to anatomical education in the past 50 years." With detailed full-color depictions based on the latest dissection approaches, they are exemplars for medical illustrators as well as medical students. Proceeding from the back through the autonomic nervous system, each region of the human body is built up from the skeletal framework to the surface anatomy. The atlas includes clinical images, summary tables (e.g., of muscles and nerves), surface anatomy review questions with an answer key, and access to an online study aid.

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