Hewitt Steve:
Snitch!: A History of the Modern Intelligence Informer

A History of the Modern Intelligence Informer
Continuum Publishing Corporation (United States), 2010
Quality paperback, 224 pagesSize: 228x153 mm
ISBN-13: 9781441190079
ISBN-10: 1441190074

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Steve Hewitt

STEVE HEWITT was born and raised in Southern Ontario. <BR>He is the author of "Spying 101: The RCMP's Secret Activities at Canadian Universities, 1917-1997" and is a member of the Department of American and Canadian Studies at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom.<BR>

Snitch!: A History of the Modern Intelligence Informer

Gives an account of how some citizens actively assist state surveillance by informing on others, such as during the Cold War and the campaign against terrorism. The author provides a study of human informers - people who secretly supply information to a domestic security agency (a spy provides information to a foreign intelligence service).

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Steve Hewitt
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