Togashi Yoshihiro:
YuYu Hakusho, Volume 17

Yuyu Hakusho (Paperback)
Illustrator: Yoshihiro Togashi
Viz Media , 2009
Quality paperback, 208 pagesSize: 188x125 mm
ISBN-13: 9781421524481
ISBN-10: 1421524481

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Yoshihiro Togashi

Yoshihiro Togashi's manga career began in 1986 at the age of 20, when he won the coveted Osamu Tezuka Award for new manga artists. He debuted in the Japanese Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in 1989 with the romantic comedy Tende Showaru Cupid. From 1990 to 1994 he wrote and drew the hit manga YuYu Hakusho, which was followed by the dark comedy science-fiction series Level E and the adventure series Hunter x Hunter. In 1999 he married the manga artist Naoko Takeuchi.

YuYu Hakusho, Volume 17

Yusuke and the gang finally face off against Sensui in a final battle to defeat him and close the portal to the demon plane. The furious exchange of devastating punches push both Sensui and Yusuke beyond their limits.

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