Posada Jorge:
Play Ball!

Illustrator: Raul Colon, With: Robert Burleigh
Paula Wiseman Books , 2010
Quality paperback, 32 pagesISBN-13: 9781416998259
ISBN-10: 141699825X

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Jorge Posada

Jorge Posada is an all-star catcher for the New York Yankees, a position he has held since 2000. Laura Posada is an attorney and CEO of Laura Posada, LLC. The couple lives with their two children, Jorge Luis and Paulina, in New York City.<P>

Play Ball!

Jorge loves the feel of the ball in his glove, the bat in his hand, and the game of baseball. He is as good as any right-handed hitter on the Casa Cuba team -- but his father tells him, "Good isn't best.""Baseball is a game of inches," his coach tells him. And when Casa Cuba is up against Club Caparra and their pitcher's sidearm rocket, a switch-hitter is just what Casa Cuba needs.Based on the childhood of New York Yankees catcher Jorge Posada, this is the story of a boy from Puerto Rico who worked hard to be his best and didn't stop until he was a champion.A portion of the proceeds of this book will benet the Jorge Posada Foundation.

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Jorge Posada
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