Morpurgo Michael, M. B. E.:
Animal Tales: Three Stories in One

Bananas - Bind Up
Bind Up Ed
Illustrator: Ian Andrew, Illustrator: Tony Kerins, Illustrator: Gerry Turley
Egmont UK Ltd (United Kingdom), 2008
Quality paperback, 144 pagesSize: 211x147 mm
ISBN-13: 9781405237352
ISBN-10: 140523735X

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Animal Tales: Three Stories in One

In "Jo-Jo the Melon Donkey," he" "does not like being a donkey, not one bit. Every day, he works hard selling melons on the streets of Venice. Then, one dark night, Jo-Jo discovers that it is up to him to save the city from the sea! "" Next, in "Conker," Nick's grandmother decides to help him become champion of the children's game, Conker, and sends him off to find some special conkers, or nuts, from Cotter's Yard. There, he discovers a half-starved dog. Will Nick be able to rescue him? Annie's father wants to demolish the old barn and build a new one in "Colly's Barn," But what will happen to all the birds that nest there? To her relief, something amazing happens and the birds show that they are wiser than anyone could have imagined!

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