Dolson Sylvia:
Bear-Ology: Fascinating Bear Facts, Tales & Trivia

Pixyjack Press , 2009
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Sylvia Dolson

Sylvia Dolson is a naturalist, wildlife photographer and freelance writer whose passion for bears is equaled only by her quest to teach people about the true nature of these wonderful bruins. Her ultimate goal is for a greater coexistence ??? one in which people and bears live in harmony. She is the executive director of the Get Bear Smart Society, and was the key catalyst and contributor for Whistler's Black Bear Management Plan. Sylvia is a leading expert on living with bears in residential communities, and she has been instrumental in bringing forward more progressive, bear-friendly managem

Bear-Ology: Fascinating Bear Facts, Tales & Trivia

Bears have captured our imaginations for centuries. Now in this treasure-trove of facts, folklore and amazing trivia, discover the history and nature of all bears, including black bears, grizzlies and polar bears. Along the way, meet some famous bears (real and not-so-real), learn about bear totems and mythologies of Native peoples and ancient cultures throughout the world, and see how bears have become embedded in our lives, from the names of night-sky constellations and sports teams to advertising campaigns and everyday language. Complete with color photos and numerous illustrations, plus helpful tips for coexisting with our furry neighbors.

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