Platt Randall:
Hellie Jondoe

Texas Tech Press,U.S. (United States), 2009
Quality paperback, 224 pagesSize: 152x228 mm
ISBN-13: 9780896726635
ISBN-10: 0896726630

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Randall Platt

Randall Platt writes fiction for adults and young adultsand those who don't own up to being either. A lifelong resident of the Pacific Northwest, she is the author of the Fe-As-Ko series of humorous westerns for adults as well as award-winning novels for younger readers. She lives outside Seattle, Washington.

Hellie Jondoe

It's 1918. A war of nations is ending and a worldwide flu epidemic just heating up, but to 13-year-old Hellie, the only battle that counts is her own survival. An orphan by four, a beggar by six, Hellie - as apprentice pickpocket to her brother Harry - is now 'the best dang cannon of moveable property between Satan's Circus and Hell's Kitchen'.

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Randall Platt
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