Kushner Alexei, Lychagin Valentin, Rubtsov Vladimir:
Contact Geometry and Non-Linear Differential Equations

Encyclopedia Of Mathematics And Its Applications
Series editor: B. Doran, Series editor: Philippe Flajolet, Series editor: M. Ismail, Series editor: T. Y. Lam, Series editor: E. Lutwak, Series editor: G.-C. Rota, Series editor: E. Wutwak
Cambridge University Press (United Kingdom), 2006
Hardback, 518 pagesSize: 234x156 mm
ISBN-13: 9780521824767
ISBN-10: 0521824761

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Contact Geometry and Non-Linear Differential Equations

With the growing interest in the use of symmetry methods in applied mathematics, this book presents a comprehensive overview of the differential geometric view of the subject. The authors begin with a background chapter on calculus on manifolds, and then proceed to more advanced topics and applications, especially concerning singularities of the Monge-Ampere equations that describe many phenomena in geophysical fluid dynamics, for example. The authors describe many application areas and include computer code for implementing some of the techniques they describe. The book is richly illustrated.

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Alexei Kushner
Valentin Lychagin
Vladimir Rubtsov
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