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Analytic Tomography

Encyclopedia Of Mathematics And Its Applications
Series editor: B. Doran, Series editor: Philippe Flajolet, Series editor: M. Ismail, Series editor: T. Y. Lam, Series editor: E. Lutwak, Series editor: G.-C. Rota, Series editor: E. Wutwak
Cambridge University Press (United Kingdom), 2006
Hardback, 410 pagesSize: 234x156 mm
ISBN-13: 9780521793476
ISBN-10: 0521793475

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Analytic Tomography

This book is a comprehensive study of the Radon transform, which operates on a function by integrating it over hyperplanes. The book begins with an elementary and graphical introduction to the Radon transform, tomography and CT scanners, followed by a rigorous development of the basic properties of the Radon transform. Next the author introduces Grassmann manifolds in the study of the k-plane transform (a version of the Radon transform) which integrates over k-dimensional planes rather than hyperplanes. The remaining chapters are concerned with more advanced topics.

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