How To Find What You Want In The Catalogue

Despite the fact that our catalogue contains a large number of items, it is very transparent and well organized. You can find books easily and quickly according to various criteria. It is exactly the quality of our catalogue which we regard as one of our competitive advantages. There are three main ways to search in the catalogue: the structured menu in the left column, authors’ name index in the bottom of the left column and the searching forms.

Structured Menu
In the left column of each page there is a menu which includes a lot of main categories. If you click on either of the categories you unroll the menu of subcategories and if you click on the subcategory you will usually get the next sub menu. The number of subcategories depends on the category. The books are segmented in thousands of categories. Categories are mostly defined thematically but not in all cases. Some of them are defined by the literary form, age of readers etc. Some books are placed in more then one category which means that you can find the specific book in different ways.

Authors’ Name Index
In the bottom of the left column you can find authors name index. When you click on a character, a page with links to indices specified by the first two characters of the authors’ surnames are displayed. Fifty links to authors with the highest number of titles in the catalogue are displayed as well.

Use of Search Tools
In the upper part of the left column there is a simple searching form and a link to the page with detailed form for advanced search. The books are searched by whole words and some words without the main meaning are ignored (such as English prepositions and conjunctions). Words joined by only one or two symbols are also ignored. The results are arranged according to the number of occurrences and emplacement of searched words (for example the name of the author has priority to the publisher). Very high-capacity results are limited.
The simple searching form seeks the complete records of all books in the catalogue.The Advanced search form is instrumental to more precise searching. You can search in accordance with the ISBN, authors’ name, book title and the publisher and all these criteria could be combined.