How To Use The Shopping Basket

Ordering in is easy, fast and, above all, safe.

First of all you have to insert the chosen book into the shopping basket using the relevant button. As soon as it's done, the content of your shopping basket will be displayed in the right top corner of the page. You can than continue browsing the catalogue on the same page, change the number of ordered copies, remove some titles, or simply send your order.

You can change the number of copies or remove a book from the basket using the little arrows behind the number of items. To increase the number click on the upper arrow, to decrease it, click on the arrow below. If there is only one copy there (usual situation) and you click on the arrow below, the number will be reduced to zero and the title will be removed from the basket.

If you want to dispatch your order, click on the button "Proceed to Checkout" in the shopping cart frame. You will be re-routed to the secured server where you have to fill in all necessary data. If you didn't log in before, you will be asked for your e-mail address and if you have already shopped with us you will be asked for your password. Then you have to fill in (or confirm respectively) your name, address, and your credit card data and dispatch the order.

You don't have to order the selected catalogue items immediately. By using the link "save for later" under the "Add to Shopping Basket" button you can add books into the "wish-list" and return to them after several weeks or months. You have to log in before using the "wish-list" (if you are not logged in, the "save for later" link is not displayed). Your saved books will be found on the page of your Account.