About Us

Back to roots: Eruditor.com works automatically
Ten years ago, everybody expected on-line shops would work automatically : no staff, no stock, no office, just a computer and delivery service from factory to customer. Prices in on-line shops were expected to be extremely low because of minimal costs. We in Eruditor.com remember that time very well because we have operated a classical music e-shop since 1998.

Unfortunatelly, the expectations weren't fulfilled. E-shops had found that their customers needed help and information and so they started to pay more employees. Costs and prices increased.

In Eruditor.com we believe that times have changed since the mid nineties, lot of customers are experienced and can use e-shops without any support. So we have decided to return to the roots. Our e-shop works automatically, as was expected at the start of the e-shop era. There is no stock, no help, no customer support (except for claims), no limited bargains but the lowest prices possible of everything for everybody and everyday.

We expect you know what you want and how to buy in an e-shop. We won't help you to find the book you are looking for, but we work very hard to help you find it quickly and very easily yourself. So if what you want is an English book, Eruditor.com is the best place to buy at the lowest possible price.